Ella & Olivia

Meet The Characters


Ella is seven years old and her best friend is Zoe. She loves being a big sister.
Hair: Brown, worn in a long ponytail with a fringe
Favourite colour: Purple
Siblings: Olivia and Max
Likes: Being a twirling ballet star, drawing, Mr Bojangles, cooking toast and cupcakes
Favourite toy: Brand new pencils
Likes to wear: Spotty lilac dress on special occasions
Dislikes: When little sisters get annoying


Olivia is five-and-a-half years old and can’t wait to be as grown-up as her big sister Ella! She likes to pretend she is a fairy princess.
Hair: Light brown, worn in pigtails
Favourite colour: Pink
Siblings: Ella and Max
Likes: Hanging out with her big sister, chocolate and helping out
Favourite toy: Miss Sparkle, her fairy doll
Likes to wear: A twinkling tiara, a magical fairy wand and fluttery fairy wings
Dislikes: Being told she is too little to join in the fun!


Max is small and is very fast when he crawls. He is only 18 months old.
Hair: Brown, but there isn’t much of it!
Favourite colour: Blue. Or so Ella and Olivia think — he can’t tell them yet!
Siblings: Ella and Olivia
Good at: Crawling, but not very good at walking just yet
Likes: Being very noisy, banging pots and making mud pies
Favourite toy: Bob the puppy
Dislikes: Sleeping — he might miss out on something!


Zoe is seven years old and is best friends with Ella. She would love to have a little sister!
Hair: Black, worn in a bob
Favourite colour: Green
Siblings: Will
Likes: Her cat, Bojangles, tuna sandwiches and thinks little sisters are cool!
Favourite toy: Skipping rope
Likes to wear: Her flower headband
Dislikes: Computer games, boring brothers


Millie is seven years old and is the new girl at school. Her new best friends are Ella and Zoe.
Hair: Black, worn in pigtails
Favourite colour: Orange
Good at: Using chopsticks
Likes: Her friends Ella and Zoe, sushi and hopscotch
Favourite toy: Sidewalk chalk (to draw hopscotch squares)
Likes to wear: Bright pink shoelaces
Dislikes: Being called names, moving house, starting a new school

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