Ella & Olivia

The Books

Christmas Wonderland

Everyone is getting ready for the Christmas fair! Will Ella and Olivia’s house have the most spectacular decorations in the neighbourhood?read chapter 1

Beach Holiday

Ella and Olivia are going on holiday! But when Olivia gets lost, will Ella be there to save the day?read chapter 1

Sports Carnival

Ella and Olivia have been training hard for their school sports carnival! But can their team win the best-ever grand prize?read chapter 1

Flower Power

Ella and Olivia are planting a new garden, but they can’t agree on anything! Can they find a way to work together?read chapter 1

Super Sweet Stories

Ella and Olivia love to have fun together! They play games, swap secrets and always help each other. Read about their adventures in four favourite stories: Puppy Trouble, The Big Sleepover, Pony Problem and Cool Kitties.

The Christmas Surprise

Ella and Olivia can’t wait until Christmas! But will their secret plan to open their presents early ruin the Christmas surprise?read chapter 1

Friends Forever Stories

Ella and Olivia do lots of things together. No matter what, they will always be there for each other! Read all about their adventures in four fantastic stories: Cupcake Catastrophe, Best Friend Showdown, Ballet Stars and The New Girl.

Cool Kitties

Ella and Olivia are collecting Cool Kitties, and so is everyone at school! But who will get the whole collection first?read chapter 1

Pony Problem

Zoe is taking Ella and Olivia to her pony competition! But can Zoe help when Ella accidentally enters too, without knowing how to ride a horse?read chapter 1

Puppy Trouble

Ella and Olivia have wanted a puppy forever. But when they get their wish, can they keep their promise to look after him?read chapter 1

The Big Sleepover

Ella and Zoe are having a big sleepover! But Olivia is feeling left out. Why can't she stay up late telling stories and eating lollies too?read chapter 1

Cupcake Catastrophe

Ella and Olivia are making cupcakes for Dad’s birthday. But when a cooking disaster strikes, will the party be ruined?read chapter 1

Ballet Stars

Ella and Olivia love to do ballet! But when it comes to dancing on stage, can they both be ballet stars?read chapter 1

Best Friend Showdown

Ella and Zoe do everything together. But when they compete for the chocolate drive prize, their friendship is put to the test!read chapter 1

The New Girl

It is the first day of school term, and the new girl in Ella's class doesn't seem to like anything! Can Ella change her mind?read chapter 1

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